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Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture what I like to call FRA for short, is an alternative process that keeps up the well being and integrity of your skin. It improves your skin and reduces aging. It involves using hair-thin needles tapped into particular areas of your face, ears, hands, feet, legs, arms, torso & trunk along pathways of energy called "QI".

A typical course of treatment is the patient first fills out an initial consult form and comes for an initial consult, and then chooses twice a week to come in for treatment for the length of time of the package they have chosen.


You would receive your own mini jade roller like the one I would be using on your face to take home with you to reinforce what I do in the office.

During the actual treatments, you would be in the office for a total of 40 minutes to an hour depending on what needed to be done.

In that time you would have acupuncture first on face ears and body areas essential to your treatment description, then I would use the jade roller and other jade tools to massage face, afterwards you would receive a LED colored light mask.

Remember being consistent with treatments helps in getting your best results. Once a month and continuous use of jade roller at home for a few months after initial package reinforces and maintains the results you receive.

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